Novelthesis Survival Experiment: Food Edition

Lately, most of my non-day-job time has been spent writing my thesis or reading for my last semester at Pacific University. The thesis and the novel are one and the same, hence the Frankenterm: novelthesis.*

I’ve been thinking it would be nice to chronicle my novelthesis experience on the blog, but how interesting could it be to describe, once again, how I sat down at the keyboard this morning and banged out another few pages? And on the other side of it, I don’t have much time to spend on blog posts.

But I also feel like I don’t have time to cook, or take breaks, or play with the cat. Shockingly, all that stuff is happening, anyway. So I thought it would be more interesting, and maybe even helpful in a more universal way, to share some of what I’m doing to manage life while juggling work and writing.

Enter the Novelthesis Survival Experiment. I hesitate to call it a survival guide, because only time will tell whether or not I’ll make it through this semester of novelthesis-ing. Experiment works just fine.

Beautiful veggies!

Beautiful veggies!

Novelthesis-ing makes me hungry for comfort food at a time when I need to be eating the healthy stuff. My husband and I share household tasks like cooking, but when we’re both working during the week, I get home first. Unless we want to eat at 9pm, the cooking is up to me.

The key requirements for recipes in my house these days? Fast, healthy, delicious. I want something I can throw together quickly so I can get to my reading, but I also want to be satisfied and avoid boiling pasta every night.

Aren’t apps amazing? I use Ziplist to compile online recipes and create a meal plan. This keeps everything in one place, including shopping lists.

I try to serve a lot of veggies on the side in some form or another.

For Carnivores
Oven Fajitas – one of my all-time favorite recipes.
Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken**
Green Chili Turkey Burgers
One-pot Beef & Mushroom Stroganoff - Make it vegetarian by just using mushrooms. I know it’s more comforting than healthy, but it’s pretty comforting.
Lemon and Rosemary Roasted Chicken – I adore recipes that look and taste more impressive than they actually are! This requires extra cooking time, but the prep is minimal; it’s a good dish to cook on a day off so you can skate on some leftovers.

For Vegetarians (and veggie-loving carnivores)
Veggie Chili**
-I like to add frozen corn to this one.
Chipotle Sweet Potato Burgers – do yourself a favor and make these; they are amazing.
Black Bean and Avocado Enchiladas – this looks like a lot of ingredients, but it’s because she details how to make your own enchilada sauce. It’s not hard.

Crock Pot Apple Crisp – ok, yes, you do have to slice the apples. Trust me, it’s worth it.

*I tried to come up with something like novesis or thesivel, but it just didn’t have the right ring.
**I typically cook and freeze my own beans for cheaper and lower-sodium meals.

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